Sales Training For Your Business

Drive business growth and generate more opportunities

Business markets are continually evolving and changing.

To keep pace, your salespeople must adapt and grow too.

Sales training is key to keeping your staff sharp and at the top of their game. Thompson Training & Development offers cutting-edge interactive sales training techniques, designed to keep your salespeople engaged, motivated and productive.

No matter what your goals, our expertise and unique outcome-focused approach will ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

Our sales training courses cover the spectrum of sales development, including:

  • Advanced Telephone Selling
  • Lead Generation Workshop
  • Professional Consultative Selling
  • Key Account Management
  • Leadership coaching & mentoring
  • New Business Development
  • High Impact Presentations
  • Team Building
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Communication and NLP

Why TTD?

Choosing a partner for your sales training needs can feel daunting. We’re here to help.

We offer a wealth of personal and professional experience, with our team including previous award-winning Sales Person of the Year 2007/2008 at Durex and extensive knowledge across a range of industry sectors, from telecoms to pharmaceuticals, the public sector to IT services and more.

We know your challenges: we’ve been there firsthand, we’ve done the job. Unlike many consultancies, this makes us uniquely qualified to support and work with you to achieve your goals.

Sales is the driving force for growth in every business. We recognise how important your people are to your business success. Our outcome focused approach is designed to be highly interactive, incorporating real LIVE selling on the telephone and real sales scenarios: ensuring your salespeople can translate their learnings into their day-to-day roles.

Your success is our success.


To get you to where you need to go, first we need to understand where you are now. We take the time to perform a comprehensive needs analysis for your business, understanding your requirements before tailoring a bespoke sales training solution for you.


Our approach is designed to be interactive, dynamic and engaging, creating ‘stickability’ and easing the learning journey for your salespeople. We deliver sales training at your workplace, off site or even offer coaching at your desk, depending on your requirements.



We use a diverse range of training methods to keep learners engaged and ensure maximum retention of information. These include trainer led demonstrations, practical group exercises, games, quizzes, real play, LIVE telephone sessions, presentations and individual knowledge checks and exercises.

How TTD helps your business

With Thompson Training & Development as your sales training partner, you can expect a results-focused approach that will help your salespeople:

– Generate more appointments
– Improve sales conversions
– Win more pitches
– Negotiate more effectively
– Increase average sales value
– Win more new and repeat business

We understand that sales training is an investment for your business. That’s why we take the time to understand your unique challenges, markets and objectives, tailoring a bespoke solution that will align with your goals and maximise return on investment.

Questions for selling? Unsure of your sales training needs?

Why not book your free consultation now and discover what Thompson Training and Development could do for your business.

Why should I invest in sales training?


The benefits of sales training are extensive and far-reaching, for both individual and business.

Whether you are looking to learn how to handle gatekeepers or need support closing with confidence, our comprehensive sales training tips are designed to cover the full range of selling skills required to take you to the top of your game.

We have experience supporting sales professionals who are nervous about networking, through to providing cold calling tips for those charged with selling over the phone. Our end-to-end sales training approach ensures you gain a true understanding of the sales cycle and develop a technique that works for you: coaching you in how to sell with style.

We understand that selling excellence is something that evolves over time. We’re here for the journey, offering an interactive and consultative approach to sales development for every stage of your career. Whether you’re new to sales or further up the ladder and looking to sharpen your skills, Thompson Training & Development can offer a tailored solution to match your needs.

Sales training for a new era of selling

Thanks to the growing influence of the digital marketplace, the way people buy – and sell! – has changed significantly over the past decade.

Social selling and consultative selling are now the norm, with buyers equipped with more knowledge and power than ever before. To ensure ROI from sales training, you need a sales training partner who understands the challenges this new era of selling presents.

Thompson Training & Development offers a unique approach to selling made simple, even in this complex business environment. As part of our approach, we explore the valuable role social media, technology, and relationship building have to play in driving sales opportunities.

From utilising LinkedIn for sales leads through to email pitching or conducting meetings via Skype, we look at the diverse range of opportunities available to both salespeople and customers today. Our sales training courses will support you in identifying need, handling objections, presenting a solution and gaining commitment across a multitude of channels and platforms. No matter what your product or industry, we have the experience to help.

Questions for selling? Unsure of your sales training needs?

Why not book your free consultation now and discover what Thompson Training and Development could do for your business.

Her incredible sales experience

“Gilly has been more than amazing, it is almost unfair to try and put it into words. Not only has she brought her incredible sales experience with her to every session, but she has brought an incomparable energy which motivates and pushes everyone to be the best they can be.” “I would highly recommend Gilly to anyone looking to grow their business and improve sales. Thanks a lot!” Kelly Wilson, New Business Executive

I cannot recommend Gilly enough

“I have been in sales for most of my life and been through so many training courses(all the same)when I heard I was going to do another I was quite unimpressed, being an optimistic guy I went into Gilly’s training with an open mind and I was very pleasantly surprised, though maybe 50% of the technique’s I already knew, Gilly made me more aware of when and maybe why I was doing so. After 18ish years in sales for her to shock me with so much I didn’t know, all I can say is thank you to her. I guess what I am saying is you never know it all but if you want to know a lot more, delivered in a great non classroom environment I cannot recommend Gilly enough.” Paul Haywood, Business Energy Specialist

‘thinking outside the box’ training

“I have recently attended Gilly’s training session over a 3 day course and my eyes have been opened to a more effective a ‘consultative’ way of communicating with my customers. I have over 5 years sales experience and have never seen such ‘thinking outside the box’ training. The process is easy to follow with the help of Gilly’s guidance and patience and I would certainly recommend her to anyone.” Evie Robinson, Business Development Manager