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Petrified of Presenting?

  For any successful leader, entrepreneur or sales person, presenting is often a necessary evil.   Just the idea of standing in front of an audience to speak is enough to trigger a sense of panic in many; but get it right, and it’s also a hugely powerful tool....

New Year Resolution for your business?

Make 2017 the year you invest in up-skilling your team whilst ensuring a return on your investment. Training and development is my business. It’s a business that I love. I get to watch organisations go through transformational change; I observe individuals growing...

Terrified of Telesales?

Selling over the telephone is a key part of business. There’s no denying this fact: even in our internet-focused world, very few tools or approaches have the same return as getting on the good ol’ telephone. And with 70% of businesses saying closing more deals is...

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