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It’s a competitive marketplace.
To remain at the top of your game, you need to continually push boundaries and evolve.

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Business coaching supports you in achieving your vision: in getting you from where you are, to where you want to be. Thompson Training & Development offer specialist business coaching to help you explore your strengths, build on weaknesses and ultimately excel in your objectives.

No matter where you want to go, we have the tools and expertise to get you there.

Why TTD?

Partnering with a business growth coach requires investment and commitment. We are dedicated to delivering results for you.

Our ILM Level 7 Coaching specialists hold a wealth of commercial experience, supporting individuals and organisations across a diverse range of industry sectors to fulfil their potential, capitalise on opportunities and thrive. With unmatched passion and enthusiasm, we take a collaborative approach to business coaching like no other. Your goals are our goals.

As a member of the EMCC and a registered and approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator, we have the credentials and we have the experience. Our results-first mindset ensures your coaching is tailored and aligned to your specific role and industry, maximising the return on your investment.

How TTD helps your business

With Thompson Training & Development as your business coach, you can expect personalised, focused support where it matters most. We will partner you to:

• Build a successful growth strategy
• Discover new routes to funding and investment
• Unlock your capacity for innovation
• Harness the power of your people
• Unite and excite your leadership team

No two businesses are the same. We take the time to understand what makes you unique, aligning coaching efforts with your strategic objectives and personal strengths. Beginning with the end in mind ensures we deliver tangible results, at every stage of your coaching journey.

Her incredible sales experience

“Gilly has been more than amazing, it is almost unfair to try and put it into words. Not only has she brought her incredible sales experience with her to every session, but she has brought an incomparable energy which motivates and pushes everyone to be the best they can be.” “I would highly recommend Gilly to anyone looking to grow their business and improve sales. Thanks a lot!” Kelly Wilson, New Business Executive

I cannot recommend Gilly enough

“I have been in sales for most of my life and been through so many training courses(all the same)when I heard I was going to do another I was quite unimpressed, being an optimistic guy I went into Gilly’s training with an open mind and I was very pleasantly surprised, though maybe 50% of the technique’s I already knew, Gilly made me more aware of when and maybe why I was doing so. After 18ish years in sales for her to shock me with so much I didn’t know, all I can say is thank you to her. I guess what I am saying is you never know it all but if you want to know a lot more, delivered in a great non classroom environment I cannot recommend Gilly enough.” Paul Haywood, Business Energy Specialist

‘thinking outside the box’ training

“I have recently attended Gilly’s training session over a 3 day course and my eyes have been opened to a more effective a ‘consultative’ way of communicating with my customers. I have over 5 years sales experience and have never seen such ‘thinking outside the box’ training. The process is easy to follow with the help of Gilly’s guidance and patience and I would certainly recommend her to anyone.” Evie Robinson, Business Development Manager